Music Together® Online
Tammy Baar
Live Zoom (location map)
Friday, 10:00 AM - 10:40 AM
01/15/21 - 03/05/21 (8 weeks)


With Music Together® Online, you’ll have access to the same high-quality music and movement curriculum loved by millions of families and teachers around the world – from home!

During each live/interactive class, Miss Tammy will lead musical activities for you and your whole family to sing, play and jam along to. Using songs from the current collection, she will show you how to make regular household items into musical props! Classes are appropriate for children under age 5 – but the WHOLE family is welcome (and encouraged!) to participate! Just like our in-person classes, grownups join in the singing and play musically with their children. This is not about putting young children down in front of a screen to be “entertained” – that is not how we roll! Children, especially babies prefer to look at their beloved grownups more than the screen.

Grandparents are also invited to attend, and families may go into a breakout room after class to continue chatting if they wish to!

Upcoming Meetings
01/22/21    10:00 AM Friday 01/22/21 10:00 AM
01/29/21    10:00 AM Friday 01/29/21 10:00 AM
02/05/21    10:00 AM Friday 02/05/21 10:00 AM
02/12/21    10:00 AM Friday 02/12/21 10:00 AM
02/19/21    10:00 AM Friday 02/19/21 10:00 AM
02/26/21    10:00 AM Friday 02/26/21 10:00 AM
03/05/21    10:00 AM Friday 03/05/21 10:00 AM